Old VO Stuff

Yes, that’s right. As some of you may know, I too ventured into the world of voice acting. Back in the old days of middle school and high school, I wanted to try my hand at voice acting. I was never perfect, but I felt like I at least had a unique approach in that I wasn’t trying to Vic Mignogna my way through fan-dubbing. It’s rather funny, because I’ve officially retired yet I got more work, all of which I consider my better material. This page is intended to be a final portfolio for those that want to see what I did.

Demo Reel

Portfolio and Resume

Gerard Emerson – The Art Crusaders

Roman – Undeadly Thirst (Video coming soon…!)

Shirou Emiya – Fate/Stay Night Abridged

Aken – Saturday Nights

Pegasus Seiya – Saint Seiya: Legend of the Crimson Youth Scene Fandub (My 500th sub special!)

Yorito Morimiya – Littlerascal92’s Sola Fandub (Only the first part of the first episode is available.)

Soldier, Corbeau – Definitive Dubs’ Mega Man Zero Fandub (Multiple Episodes)

Ichigo Kurosaki – Ryusuke’s J-Stars Victory Vs. trailer Fandub

Reid Hershel – Tales of Eternia various scenes Fandub (My 300th video special!)

… That’s what I would consider the best out of all that I did. Looking back, I certainly had some high and low points, but I think I did okay, overall. I’ve retired from voice acting, but there will always be the chance to come back. You never know. Hell, I still do one particular voice pretty damn well.

Here, I have a text link to my resume that I tried to keep up with over the years. It’s not anything special and it’s actually two years outdated, but it has some interesting stuff. Sims machinima fans will find that I was once Tristan in Society High, for example. This was before it was rebooted as a subtitled series.


How long have you been voice acting?
Around 8 or 9 years, at this point. (As of 2014.)

How and why did you get into it?
For the how, I just started auditioning for stuff. As for why, I thought it would work well for a day job and I was interested in the craft.

Do you still voice act?
Yes, but not that often. Now, I just do it for fun. My main focus is writing. I’ve more or less retired from voice acting.

Do you have any acting experience/training?
I took an acting class my freshman year of college, but I’m mostly self-taught.

I get requests for these more than anything else. Like I said before, I don’t voice act that much anymore, as I’m more focus on other forms of art. I appreciate the offer, but I don’t have the time to audition for every offer I get and there isn’t much quality control with the majority of Sims machinima out there. If you REALLY want me to audition, you need to impress me with good quality work. Even then, seeing as how I’ve retired, I’m only doing it for friends.

Will you listen to my demo reel?
If you can find me, then sure.

Will you coach me?
I’m really not the best person for coaching, but I’d be happy to listen to your demo reel.

What do you use to record?
The mic I use is an MXL 990 Condenser with a pop filter and stand. I used to have a shock mount, but it broke. The program I use to record and edit is Audacity.

Are you available for scouting?
Depends on the project. Ask me about it.

Are you on Voice Acting Alliance/Behind the Voice Actors/etc.?
Yep. Those two at least.

Where can I hear your work?
I put everything I’ve done in a playlist on my YouTube channel.

Do you narrate creepypasta?

Can I request a creepypasta for you to narrate?
Sure! Message me on my channel and I’ll take a look at it!

I want to get into voice acting. How do I do that?
Just do it. Audition for stuff, get feedback, perfect your craft, and have fun!

Have you ever professionally voice acted?
It’s not much, but I did do something. I did the English narration for the 10th anniversary show of Tongji University’s magic club. The show was called “The Decade” and if you can find it, it is a very entertaining watch.


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