Old Blogs

Before I moved on to WordPress, I found myself on other blogging platforms such as LiveJournal and Blogger. Some of these were for school or to have a topical blog, while the other was simply an online journal. These are no longer being updated, but I have placed them here for your viewing pleasure.

The Wheneverly Journal Version 1 (LiveJournal)

This was my first attempt at a blog and one that I kept up with the most. I basically wrote what anime or games I had been playing. I did try to do a more topical post once with Dynasty Warriors, but I never followed up on any more. I had originally planned to update it more and make it my permanent blog, but WordPress seemed like a better place for having a blog-homepage thing. As such, this blog has been put away, but I will keep it up for archive purposes.

USERNAME: Flamzeron (Blogger)
I wanted to start a gaming blog at one point, but now I’m not sure why. I never posted much content, besides an E3 thing and a review of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. I soon concluded the blog, since managing two was a pain.

Slightly Trimmed Beard Journal (Blogger)
This was a blog I made for a Communications class I took in college in which the focus of the course was a study on the social impacts of mass media, specifically in TV and film. The blog was a class assignment that we were expected to keep up with on a weekly basis. For my blog, I mainly focused on advertisements as shown in nerd culture, specifically video games and anime, though there are some “traditional” advertising posts as well. I stopped updating the blog when the class concluded, but I’ve kept it up for the purpose of serving as a writing sample, as my writing style with this blog was more formal and controlled.


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