Clock Tower: The First Fear PS1 Fan Translation

The first Clock Tower game could be considered one of the essential Super Famicom fan translated games, such as Tales of Phantasia and Seiken Densetsu 3. As you can assume, the SNES game has already been translated by Aeon Genesis. However, this ain’t about that SNES/Super Famicom business! There was an enhanced port of the game to Sony’s PlayStation 1 back in the day, that included a remastered soundtrack, slight graphic improvement, some voice acting (and by some I just mean Jennifer gasping), and a new event involving a knife and a mummy. At the time, no one had bothered to make a fan translation of this version, but now, one exists. How do I know? I worked on it.

Essentially, I proofread and edited the script. My job was to make sure there were no grammatical errors and to make sure that it made sense in English. I did add some spice, but I didn’t take many liberties, if at all. My personal goal was to keep the script as close to the original as possible, so all I did was rework the script to make it work better in English. The above video explains the majority of what I did. I’m extremely happy to have been able to work on and complete a fan translation project, especially one that has been asked for in the past. There is also a fan translation of the PC version that uses an older version of my script, but reworked by another person. Our team was very skilled and passionate about the series. If you haven’t played Clock Tower yet, I highly suggest our translation. listing
Update thread on Don’t Cry Jennifer Forums


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