Links and Affiliates

This is where you will find not only my internet partners but also a handful of my favorite sites to visit. More will be added as the need arises.


Mizuho BBS
Mizuho BBS (Officially Closed Down as of 8/31/16)
This site is, essentially, my second home. What started off as a simple message board and website for Tales of Symphonia has grown to become one of my most cherished communities. The original version has been shut down, but I was given the resources to host a new one, which I gave to my friend PanbanRichard. Since then, the BBS has been reborn as a general Tales community that aims to provide fun, friendly social interaction from around the world with a hint of entertaining content. *Note: This site has since closed down. Here’s a link to a message board thread archive.*

Super Marathon 64
Run by my middle school friend, Sam “Superfly” Bryant, Super Marathon 64 is a gaming charity event that aims to raise money for the non-profit organization “No Worries Now.” I took part one year and did a cheat assisted speed run of Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku on GBA. I also played a little bit of Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle on the PS3 as a surprise. I haven’t been able to participate each year following my first appearance, but things could happen…



One of the biggest Dragon Ball fansites out there, Kanzenshuu (formerly Daizenshuu EX) aims to cover “anything and everything Dragon Ball in hopes of enlightening, with a little bit of entertaining.” Kanzenshuu is one of the best, if not THE best, places for information on Dragon Ball outside of general news coverage and reviews on specific media. Mike “VegettoEX” LaBrie and crew pride themselves on having an extension amount of guides and translations for your viewing pleasure with plenty of context and notes for those not well versed in the series. They also have a podcast that I listen to frequently. I have occasionally posted on their forums as well, though I’m not on there as much as other hardcore fans are.

Demon’s Souls “Wikidot” Wiki
This wiki has helped me tremendously in the past during my first playthrough of Demon’s Souls back in 2009. Essentially, it is an online encyclopedia with detailed information on the game, including the various NPCs, armor, and weapons. There is also a section for unused content in the game, such as that broken archstone that we will likely never get to play. There is also a site for Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III, and even Bloodborne, but I am choosing to showcase the Demon’s Souls site, for it started everything.

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
Another nice wiki with lots of information on the Elder Scrolls series, including basic info from all the games from Arena to Skyrim (yes, Online is included) as well as various lore pieces to answer any questions on the world of Tamriel. This is my favorite wiki on the series so far and I often come to it for a good read.

Penny Arcade
If you’re a gamer, you’ve likely heard of them. One of the most popular web series out there, Mike “Gabe” Krahulik and Jerry “Tycho” Holkins create three-panel comic strips revolving around gaming, nerd culture, and their experiences as parents. They also do video content and a regular podcast. I tend to go here when I need an extra kick of entertainment to brighten my day.

Abyssal Chronicles
This is probably the best Tales fansite out there, at least in the English speaking community. Although there is only so much general info on the series that the site has available, the homepage is updated often with the latest news on the series. Two of my fellow Mizuhoians have become moderators for the site and they do a great job! There is also a message board and image gallery for those who want more stuff.

Bandai Namco Entertainment North America
… Come on, you knew that this site would be here. YOU KNEW IT WOULD! Almost every game series I love comes from Bandai Namco. Besides the amazing Tales series, they also develop/publish game series such as Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Soul Calibur, and even Dark Souls. There have been several gaming seasons in which I only played games from this company. Sure, I like others (such as Bethesda, Falcom, and Tecmo Koei to name a few) but Bandai Namco has provided me with the most of my gaming entertainment.

Don’t Cry Jennifer Forums
This place is one of what I’m pretty sure is only two communities of the Clock Tower franchise. There was once a website, but it doesn’t seem to be around anymore, leaving only the forum left. While it’s not very active these days, you will find that there are still some nice souls lingering around. With the latest news on the series’ successor, NightCry, more people have shown up lately. You will also find the fan translation of The First Fear on PS1 that I worked on here.

I normally go to this site first thing when I wake up. Siliconera tends to have a heck of a lot of awesome video game news from the Japanland and updates with the latest info daily, sometimes even multiple times daily. And yes, I do check it several times a day. I’m probably a little addicted.

Anime News Network
This is the second place I go to when I wake up, though lately it’s been the first. ANN posts news multiple times a day and they have a butt-load of information and articles on anime and manga. While writing this section, I’ve probably checked the site by now, or am at least thinking about it.

Speaking of anime, I also am a person who enjoys watching anime. If you are also a watcher of anime, my first recommendation is Crunchyroll. They have almost everything. If you become a Premium member, they have even more. There have been times where I would only watch stuff on Crunchyroll, because all the anime I was interested in for that season would be on there. The translations and subtitles are also top quality, so picky viewers will find little to complain about. Now, obviously, they don’t have everything, but Crunchyroll is, in my opinion, the best legal anime streaming site.

The Kombat Pavilion
Most fans of the Mortal Kombat series are only interested in the gore, fatalities, and, well, the kombat. One netizen, simply known as “tabmok99,” seems to understand that, while not the focus, the series does have a story and lore. His website covers various tidbits on the franchise in good detail, despite only going up to Deception. There’s also a bunch of fun games and silly videos and comics. Perhaps you could say it’s like Kanzenshuu, except with more of a focus on historical features and memorabilia.


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