General FAQ

Who are you?
Just another WordPress blog. Alternatively, you can read everything you need to know here.

What is your header from?
It’s Reid Hershel from Tales of Eternia. Specifically, when he is doing his Burning Phoenix attack in the game.

Why does your blog’s design look bland and dumb?
When I think of WordPress, I think of the color blue, specifically that kind of calm baby blue. Red is my favorite color and Tales of Eternia is one of my personal favorite games, so I added them in to give my blog a little more flare. I wanted my blog to look as if I was invading WordPress with my material.

Why WordPress?
I wanted to have a new personal homepage that acted primarily as a blog. I’ve done both Webs and LiveJournal but I wanted more out of them so I’m going with WordPress now.

How often can we expect new posts from you?
Just as the title says; I will post new stuff on a “wheneveryly” basis, meaning whenever I have time/want to.

Do you have other social media you don’t list, like Facebook or Flickr?
I do, but those are reserved for friends and family.

Why do you italicize certain words?
I italicize the names of books, game, shows, and movies because that’s what I was taught to do in school. I want this blog to be as well written as possible, while still keeping my general flare and style. Other than that, the only other reason why I italicize the names of works is to give my blog an academic feel. In school, I was taught and wrote academic papers using MLA format, which involved italicizing the names of long form works. Granted, in my final college class (when the new version of MLA came out, apparently), I was told that quotes are more grammatically correct now, so we’ll see. Italic words are cool, though.

How did you make the buttons on your pages?
I made them on Cool Text, a cool (pun intended) website for button and logo making. It is pretty neat.

Read the other FAQs, or contact me.


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