About Me

That's me!

You didn’t think that all these posts and such were generated by some robot, did you? If you actually like my stuff enough to care, this is some info about me. Also, yes, the image above is a decently accurate picture of me. And yes, I really do keep a beard and then stubble. SO WHAT?! It’s a lazy stylistic choice, dammit!

Name: Ryan Burton

Aliases: Flamzeron, Tasuke, Ryanion

Birth date: March 27th, 1992

Gender: Male

Nationality: North American

Occupation: Writer, nerd

Chinese Zodiac: Monkey

Greek Zodiac: Aries

Hobbies: Food, anime, manga/comics, video games, TV (in general), writing, over thinking everything, lesbians, sleeping, the internet, a portion of the non-anime side of Japan, puppies.

That’s the basic gist of my character, in list form. I’m basically a nerd writer guy. I like nerdy things and writing and Japan. One might call me an otaku, but I feel that is not accurate. I’m more of a “Japanophile,” meaning I’m not just obsessed with anime, manga, visual novels, video games, and waifus. I’m very interested in Japanese culture and their thought process, though not Japan in its entirety. Outside of Japanese animated media, I’m really only interested in their food, films, music, literature, history, and samurai. I guess that makes me something else, like a Semi-Japanese Stuff-ist, or something like that. I’ve learned a bit about the thought process of samurai from the book Hagakure, but I haven’t read it all yet. I plan to read more of it for the samurai novel, I’ve also read a lot of articles and research on modern Japan. It is very interesting to see how they operate. I will likely put a link in the links page, but I highly recommend RocketNews24 because they cover all kinds of Japanese news in English, including some opinion pieces.

That isn’t to say that I only care about Japan. Hell, I saw myself as a bit of a Medievalist at one point. The Medieval times are very cool and I tend to get absorbed in the world whenever I play games like EverQuest and others. While I love medieval times, fantasy, and anything else that would fall under the Tolkien/King Arthur category, I feel that my true creative passion and interest comes from Japan. Nearly every form of media I take in comes from Japan, even if the setting and world of said media is not Japanese (i. e. Dark Souls or Ys.) It’s just my thing. It’s not as complicated as I’m making it out to be, so let’s just say I like things, just like everyone else.

On this blog, I plan to post stuff about my life and what I do, particularly with creative writing and collecting nerdy things such as video games and action figures. I also want to use this space as a collective spot for any other non-writing material I do, such as videos and maybe podcasts. This site is intended as a blog-homepage combo. As I develop this site more, I may write more information, but this is all I have at the moment. Now, get to readin’!


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