Greetings from a new blog!

Well, hello there! After what has felt like many moons (truthfully only a few months, maybe a year or two), is it finally time to make my first post on my new web space? I think so!

Allow me to properly introduce myself. I’m Ryan, also known as Flamzeron or Tasuke, if you know me from other sites. I’m a writer, collector, and hardcore nerd who is hoping to use this blog as a place to talk about my interests in stories, mass media, and my hobbies. I originally wrote on a LiveJournal blog, but I felt like it didn’t have all the customization I wanted. WordPress, serving for plenty of sites today as a web design platform, had more of what I wanted from a customization standpoint. I wanted a blog that could also serve as a website and showcase of my other creative outlets, such as my YouTube channel, and my podcast that I host with a couple friends.

On this blog, you will see links in the navigation bar to all different kinds of things I’ve done. Those pages will be updated and changed as time goes on and I do more things, but I’d like to make these blog posts the primary meat of this site. I love nerd culture, but my primary passion is writing. With this blog, I plan to write more than anything, particularly on nerd culture pieces and hobbies. I will also write about my viewpoints on storytelling and how these opinions are used/supported in media. You will also occasionally see more technical and formal writing on here, like articles and special pieces. Er, I guess “technical” and “formal” aren’t good words for that. What would you call it then? It’s all creative writing, but I suppose a good term would be special pieces, like I said before. Those are the current subject ideas for the time being, I’ll think of more as this blog grows. As the title of this site suggests, my updates will be “wheneverly,” meaning that I will update and post when the mood hits me. I’d like to post more frequently, but we’ll just have to see how things go. I’ve been working a part-time job after graduating college, so my free time has mainly been spent relaxing from work and trying to keep up with the dozens of YouTubers I follow, some of them uploading daily. There is also the fact that I’m writing this post a day before a certain JRPG comes out, so my time will likely be absorbed by spending every free moment I have playing it.

That being said, I do have my next post planned out. It’s going to be a collection haul post, which I plan to do more of as well. For 2017, my goals are to write more and try to complete my personal game collection. I’d like to get to a point to where I’m either solely buying new games or buying retro games on random and blind whims. I’ve since been using part of my paycheck to buy games that have been on my list for a while. We’ll see how that goes, but you readers will hopefully get to see what all I get (provided I remember.)

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for taking the time to check out and read my blog if you do! There’s still a bit more work to be done on fixing up the site itself, but I hope you all enjoy my content! See ya!